Kathryn Maietta, LCSW

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​Thank you for visiting my website. As of October 15, 2018 I have closed my private practice and the Penobscot County Batterers’ Intervention Program (“BIP”). 
As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I am a passionate believer in the social work values of:
-  Service
-  Social justice
-  Dignity and self worth of the person
-  Importance of human relationships
-  Integrity
-  Competence 

​Batterers’ Intervention Program (“BIP”):
  Batterers’ Intervention Programs in Maine are certified through the Maine Department of      Corrections. For a list of Batterers’ Intervention Program in Maine, please contact:                    https://www.maine.gov/corrections/VictimServices/BatIntervent.htm
  If you feel you might be a victim of domestic abuse, please contact the Maine 
    Coalition to End Domestic Violence:  https://www.mcedv.org/
If you feel you are in crisis, please contact: Northeast Crisis @ 1 888 568-1112 and/or go to your nearest emergency department.
There are many good therapists in the Bangor region:
  • If you are a former client and are interested in returning to therapy, please e-mail me and I am happy to make recommendations as to who I think would be a good match for you.
  • ​If you are searching for a therapist and just happen to find my website, please be an informed consumer! I would suggest asking the following questions when making contact with a new therapist:
> How long have you been a therapist?; 
> What is your specialty (anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse)?; 
> What insurances to you take?; 
> What is your experience helping people with my situation (grief and loss, relationships       problems, anger management, parenting, criminal justice, etc.)?;
> Do you have appointments at an hour that fits into my schedule (for example evenings       or early morning)?; 
> What is your availability “after hours” (nights, weekends, holidays) if I am in crisis?;  
> Is your approach more “directive” (giving me options and ideas) or “guiding” (helping me     to find my own answers)?; 
> Is your approach more about “talk therapy” (a conversation) or “psycho-educational”           (teaching me new skills and techniques)?; 
> Is your approach focused on working on issues from the past (childhood) or the present     (what is going on for me right now)?; 
> Do you tend to see clients on a short term basis (1-12 sessions) or do you tend to work     with clients on a more long term basis (a year or more)?
  • If you feel you might be a victim of sexual assault, please contact: Rape Response Services at www.rrsonline.org or call 1 800 310-0000