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​Thank you for coming to visit me at my old website. 

Recently my passion to help people has allowed me to transition into being an author of mental health self help books, articles and blogs on various mental health topics. My new website called Relationships Relearned became active in October of 2020. Please click on the site name that is highlighted in bold letters to visit my new website. 

My new email address is kathryn@relationshipsrelearned.com 

To view an article topic or post on my new website, please click on the title of interest or to view my new books, click the following: Why Didn’t I Know That? About Relationships and Crush Your Stress - 302 Coping Skills for Managing Your Stress

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As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I am a passionate believer in the social work values of:
-  Service
-  Social justice
-  Dignity and self worth of the person
-  Importance of human relationships
-  Integrity
-  Competence